There is exciting news regarding the Black Cross / Red Star series by Christer Bergstrom.  Please visit his author site for more information and spread the word!  I am a big fan of Christer's work and he was one of the first authors to take a close, hard look at the aerial warfare over the Eastern Front.  His work has helped dispel many myths and shine line on a section of aviation history that was often neglected except for quoting the high victory totals of the German participants.  Christer is attempting the difficult task of self-publishing his work.  I implore those who are financially capable, to make a pledge and support Christer's publication efforts.

Christer was kind enough to allow a preview of the Volume 4 manuscript to be shown on this site.  Of course, the preview contains a narrative of JG 54.

Click this link for an Excerpt of Black Cross / Red Star, Volume 4: Stalingrad to Kuban.